The Answer to Can Sugar Gliders Eat Apricots?

Are you wondering whether or not apricots are safe to give to your sugar glider? 

Some human foods can be toxic to our marsupial friends, which is why it is crucial to look something up before feeding it to your sugar glider. 

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is apricots safe for sugar gliders

That’s what a responsible pet parent does! 

Apricots are not only delicious but are also excellent sources of fiber, Vitamin A, iron, and antioxidants.

They’re also great for your skin and help slow down the process of aging. 

However, are they safe for sugar gliders to consume? 

In this post, we will answer the question, “Can sugar gliders eat apricots?in detail and give you a definitive answer.

So, let’s glide in! 

Yes or No: Can Sugar Gliders Eat Apricots? 

The good news is that apricots are 100% safe for sugar gliders to consume. 

apricots safe for sugar gliders to eat

Not just that, sugar gliders really love how they taste and will finish them off in a matter of seconds! 

However, it is always important to exercise precaution. 

  • Don’t give your sugar gliders apricots fresh out of the tree as they might have been exposed to dangerous insecticides and pesticides so, it is important to wash them thoroughly before letting your glider munch on them 
  • Organic apricots are the best for your marsupial friend as they are 100% pure and natural 
  • Sometimes insecticides don’t do their job right, and certain insects find their way into the fruit. So, it’s best to cut the fruit up to make sure there isn’t something extra in it 
  • If you can’t find organic apricots, it’s best to skin them, cut them up into small pieces before giving them to your sugar baby to munch on

Keep in mind that there are individual differences when it comes to food preferences.

is apricots beneficial for sugar gliders

While one of my sugar gliders loves apricots, the other doesn’t even go near them!

In Conclusion… 

Apricots are completely safe for sugar gliders to consume and even have various health benefits!

They’re also an excellent snack for overweight sugar babies as they contain loads of fiber which will help keep them full for a long time. 

However, not all sugar gliders have the taste for them.

sugar glider responding to you

Fresh apricots are the best for sugar babies, while dried apricots are generally okay but should be avoided--especially if your sugar glider needs weight management--as they’re extremely high in sugar.

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