Can You Pass the Sugar Glider Food Test?

Know What Foods Are Dangerous to Sugar Gliders

Sugar gliders are curious in nature, and because of that, owners should be very careful about what sugar glider food is dangerous to them and what is healthy.

With their adorable faces, curious, playful nature, and impressive gliding skills, it's no wonder that sugar gliders are growing in popularity.

sugar glider foods to eat and not to eat

These pocket-sized flying marsupials have a deep fondness for sweet treats.

But their stomachs are very sensitive. Certain foods that are fine for humans or even other pets can be toxic or even fatal to sugar gliders. 

To keep your flying friend healthy, take the Sugar Glider Food Test! 

Are you ready? Let's glide!


chocolate for sugar gliders safe to eat

Chocolate is one of the most popular sweet treats in the world. While it was once a European status symbol, chocolate is now found in every candy aisle.

Whether pressed into bars, given a candy coating, or baked into a cake, chocolate truly is the king of desserts.

But can you give it to your sugar glider?


Just like dogs and cats, chocolate can be very harmful for a sugar glider. But because of their small size, even the smallest amount of chocolate can be fatal. 

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Ice Cream

ice cream for sugar gliders safe to eat

If you find yourself eating a bowl of ice cream while your sugar glider climbs on your shoulder, you might be tempted to respond to their inquisitive sniffing by letting them have a nibble.

Is that okay for your glider?


Despite the name, sugar gliders are very sensitive to refined sugars, like those found in ice cream and candy.

In addition to these added sugars, gliders are also lactose intolerant. So keep the ice cream away.

To cure that your sugar glider's "sweet tooth addiction" we got you covered with this delicious Exotic Nutrition Blueberry & Yogurt Treat for your furry friend to try out.


seeds for sugar gliders safe to eat

In nature, sugar gliders are omnivorous, often eating insects, small lizards, fungus, nectar, and nuts.

So there's no harm in feeding them a handful of nuts, right? Can you feed your glider nuts?


Sugar gliders absolutely love nuts. But, nuts have very little nutritional value for them.

Most nuts are very high in fat, which can cause health problems if your sugar glider eats too much.

To get all of the healthy benefits and nutrition for your sugar glider, we recommend the Vitacraft VitaSmart Sugar Glider Food!


cheese for sugar gliders safe to eat

Many pet owners like to give pieces of cheese to their pets as a tasty treat.

In fact, many vets even recommend using cheese to give dogs and cats pills.

But is it okay for sugar gliders?


As we mentioned earlier, sugar gliders are lactose intolerant. And since they're so small, even a tiny bite can cause problems with their digestive system. 

Canned Fruit

canned fruit for sugar gliders safe to eat

How about a nice piece of canned fruit! Since sugar gliders eat fruit in their natural habitat, it should be fine for them to eat as a pet, right?


Once again, refined sugars are toxic for sugar gliders. And canned fruit is full of them.

Fresh Fruit

canned fruit for sugar gliders safe to eat

Canned fruits may be dangerous for sugar gliders, but what about fresh fruit? 


Sugar gliders absolutely love fresh fruit. Small bits of apples make the perfect snack. 

But, due to their small size, sugar gliders are very susceptible to pesticides. Be sure to rinse the fruit thoroughly before giving it to your pet. 

To help your sugar glider's fruit craving, we suggest the Exotic Nutrition Island Blend Treat for for your sugar bear to try out.

Did You Pass the Sugar Glider Food Test?

If you got these questions right, then you'll make a good sugar glider parent!

sugar glider eating a slice of fruit

But feeding your sugar glider doesn't have to be a guessing game.

There are a number of specialized sugar glider foods that you can buy to feed your glider without worrying about it!

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