Can Sugar Gliders Eat Crickets?

Wondering whether or not your sugar baby can munch on some crickets? 

While crickets may be at the bottom on the list of exotic foods that you’d like to try out, they’re actually very healthy for certain animals. 

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is crickets safe for sugar gliders

Sugar gliders eat small invertebrates and vertebrates. 

So, naturally, crickets can be on the list of things they'd like to munch on. 

However, are they safe for them to consume? 

In this post, we will answer the question, “Can Sugar Gliders Eat Crickets?in as much detail as we possibly can. 

Let’s glide in!

The Simple Answer: Can Sugar Gliders Eat Crickets? 

Most sugar glider owners I know either feel that: 

  • the concept of feeding their furry friends bugs is icky 

  • Feeding their sugar glider bugs is unnecessary 

But, do keep in mind the fact that bugs are a part of a sugar glider’s natural diet.

are crickets healthy to eat for sugar gliders

Just because you think it’s icky, doesn’t mean that it isn’t healthy for your marsupial friend. 

Since sugar gliders are omnivores, they do best when given a diet rich in protein as well as carbs. 

The best diet for them is somewhat identical to what they get in the wild. 

Long story short, I want you to get over the ick factor and realize that it is healthy to feed bugs to your sugar baby. 

Now, let’s come back to the question. 

are crickets healthy for sugar gliders to eat

Can sugar gliders eat crickets? 

Well, the answer is yes. 

But, don’t go around your garden trying to catch wild crickets! 

The chances of wild crickets getting exposed to dangerous fertilizers and pesticides are quite high.

So, the risk of feeding them to your sugar glider outweigh the benefits in this case. 

sugar glider eating oatmeal

However, the crickets that you find in pet stores or on Amazon are safe if they aren’t fed corn. 

Summing Up: Can Sugar Gliders Eat Crickets?

Yes, it is safe for sugar gliders to eat crickets. 

However, do try to make sure that you don’t catch crickets from your garden and serve them to your sugar baby as they might have been exposed to dangerous fertilizers and pesticides. 

Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that sugar gliders are picky eaters

sugar glider eating a slice of fruit

Most of them prefer eating live crickets as opposed to dead ones. 

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