Can Sugar Gliders Eat Beets?

Are you wondering whether or not beets are safe for sugar gliders to consume?

is beets safe for sugar gliders

Beets make excellent additions to salads and are yummy to taste. They’re also fun as they leave your tongue red and your teeth tainted.

Beets are packed with essential vitamins and minerals and have medicinal properties as well. 

They help keep your blood pressure in check and also help support brain health. 

But, are they safe for sugar gliders to consume?

In this post, we will answer the question, “Can sugar gliders eat beets?” in as much detail as we possibly can. 

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are beets safe for sugar gliders to eat

So, let’s beet it! 

Yes, No, Or Maybe: Can Sugar Gliders Eat Beets?

The answer to the question, “Can sugar gliders eat beets?” is yes, sometimes. 

Why so? 

Well, according to Rick Axelson, DVM from VCA Hospitals

“[For Sugar Gliders] fruits and vegetables known to be high in oxalates should be avoided as they will impair calcium absorption.” 

are beets beneficial for sugar gliders

Beets are known to be high in oxalates so; they fall under this category.

You can give them to your sugar glider occasionally though as they don’t pose any major health risks. 

Do keep in mind that beets are highly pigmented, and after giving them to your sugar glider, their dwelling may look like someone was murdered there!

Also, your sugar glider’s poop may be red in color the next day. 

Most people don’t give beets to their sugar gliders. 

three sugar gliders in pouch

In fact, in most cases, sugar gliders don’t even care for the taste.

I’ve tried giving my little fur babies some beets, and they eat it sometimes if they’re in the mood. 

However, the concept of individual differences applies here. 

Keep the following in mind when giving beets to your sugar baby: 

  • Make sure to wash them thoroughly to ensure that they’re completely clean
  • Remove the skin as it can be tough to eat–plus, it’s been in direct contact with the soil
  • Start by giving a small amount to see whether or not your glider cares for the taste

And that’s all! 

In Conclusion: Can Sugar Gliders Eat Beets?

While beetroot doesn’t pose any health risks or hazards for sugar gliders, it is still something you need to feed with caution as it can hamper calcium absorption.

can sugar gliders eat beet roots

So, give it to your gliders once in a blue moon to ensure your sugar baby gets all the nutrients and yumminess without the bad stuff. 

Did we miss something important? Don’t worry, ask us in the comments, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!


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