Pearlscale Goldfish Care

One of the reasons goldfish became so popular among aquarium hobbyists is because of how whimsical and cute they look. The Pearlscale goldfish takes that whimsy to a whole new level. However, keeping them successfully does require a bit of know-how. It is an amazing goldfish variety if kept under the right conditions and it is this knowledge that we will partake with you today.

How To Identify Pearlscale Goldfish?

There is of course a distinguishing feature that really makes this goldfish stand out in the crowded world of goldfishes. The name itself offers somewhat of a good description.

The goldfish as a whole is shaped like an egg which in itself gives it a very cute appearance, but the show-stealers are the scales. They look very much like pearls.

They are made up of calcium carbonate deposits and have a translucent and reflective finish giving it a very convincing pearl-like aesthetic. As the goldfish grows, its belly becomes rounder and the scales become more pronounced giving it a more spectacular look.

How Large Do Pearlscale Goldfish Grow?

This is something that many people who get this fish for the first time end up underestimating. Many goldfish can grow to substantial sizes and this is one of them. Generally, they grow to be eight inches long but they can grow to 10 and even 12 inches long.

This is something that you will need to keep in mind while getting these fish. They have to be housed in a large enough tank among other things that we will look at a little later.

How Long Do Pearlscale Goldfish Live?

This is where there is some variability as it all depends upon the conditions these fishes are kept in. They are quite hardy and will easily last for more than five years even when the conditions aren’t that great.

However, these beautiful fish should not be subjected to poor conditions as they will look unhealthy and their scales won’t have a lot of pearlescence.

Under ideal conditions, their lifespan will be closer to 10 years and sometimes it can be as much as 15 years.

Ideal Tank Size For Pearlscale Goldfish

pearlscale goldfish tank size

As alluded to earlier, these fish can grow to be quite big. They are also prolific waste producers and a small tank can make keeping the tank clean and its parameters within the ideal range quite difficult. 30 gallons is a good place to start with for a single Pearlscale goldfish. Every additional fish will require an additional 10 gallons. Of course, this is the bare minimum. The larger the tank, the better it is.

Best Water Parameters For Pearlscale Goldfish

Just as with all goldfish, there is no natural habitat as such to refer to when it comes to water parameters but they have been present in the hobby long enough to give us a good idea of what the ideal water conditions are for this adorable fish. They are cold-water fish and hence do not make for a good choice for a tropical aquarium.

However, they thrive in cold water conditions and their large size makes them an excellent choice for ponds. The Pearlscale Goldfish can tolerate a temperature range of 65°F to 80°F or 18°C to 27°C.

Ideally, they should be kept in a temperature range that is in the lower half of these values. pH levels should be neutral but the fish can tolerate slightly acidic or alkaline water. The most important aspect of the water parameter is stability and there should be no rapid or haphazard fluctuations in any of the water parameters. A partial water change should also be done on a regular basis to avoid the build-up of nitrates.

What Are The Common Diseases That Afflict Pearlscale Goldfish?

Even though their belly might look quite spacious, the internal space is actually quite compact and that makes it vulnerable to swim bladder disease. This can be easily avoided by ensuring that the fish does not overfeed and by making sure that it does not gulp in large quantities of air.

Choose food that doesn’t float on the surface. Apart from swim bladder disease, the Pearlscale is susceptible to diseases like itch and fin rot. These can be avoided by maintaining good water quality with zero ammonia and nitrites and a minimal amount of nitrates.

How To Feed Pearlscale Goldfish?

pearlscale goldfish care

Getting them to feed is not usually the issue but making sure that they do not eat too much is often the challenge. Feed them small quantities that they can finish off in a minute or two twice a day.

Too much protein can also put a lot of strain on their delicate digestive tract. Feeding them a diet rich in vegetables is the ideal approach. Meaty food should be used more like an occasional treat.

Tank Setup Pearlscale Goldfish

The general girth and shape of the body of the Pearlscale make it a poor swimmer. The tank should be set up in a way as to make sure that there are no strong currents. The scales while beautiful are also quite delicate and sharp objects should be avoided at all costs in the aquarium.

Open space is great and while you can add decor, they should be sparse. The substrate should also be chosen wisely. A bare bottom tank is a great option. If you do go for substrates, choose something that is smooth, and does not have jagged or sharp edges.

Tankmates For Pearlscale Goldfish

This is one of the most docile and gentle fishes out there and its tankmates should be chosen accordingly. The first criteria to fulfill is that the tankmates should also be cold-water fishes. They should also be of a similar disposition as the Pearlscale. That is, they should be gentle swimmers as well with a gentle and docile nature.

Great teammates for the Pearlscale Goldfish include other goldfish such as Black Moors, Veiltails, Bubble Eyes, and Lionheads. Apart from these, Nerite and Mystery snails also make for great tankmates especially if you house them in a pond,

If you are looking for an easy to care goldfish that looks absolutely stunning then this is it.

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Pearlscale Goldfish

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