Molly Fish Food

Mollies are omnivorous when in the wild and feed on things like algae, invertebrates and plant matter.

algae on rock

Unfortunately in the home aquarium it is a bit difficult to replicate what mollies eat in the wild.

Do not fret, mollies can be fed high quality flake food as well as a variety of vegetables.

A great option is the Hikari Micro Wafers

Some treats you can give your Mollies are, cucumber medallions, zucchini medallions and shelled peas.

Be sure to blanch them. Another great alternative is a spirulina based flake or pellet food. This can substitute plant matter in their diet.

Frozen Food For Molly Fish

If you are looking to breed your Mollies then it is recommended that you also feed them frozen foods such as , brine shrimp, bloodworms and daphnia.

They also love live food and will not turn away from them either. Some good live food for Mollies are blood worms, daphnia, brine shrimp and black worms.

How Much Food Do I Give Molly Fish

How often should I feed Mollies? Mollies should be fed every single day. This is the first step in ensuring you have happy and healthy fish.

TetraMin Tropical Flakes, Nutritionally Balanced Fish Food, 7.06-Ounce

How much should I feed my Molly fish? A rule of thumb is to feed your Mollies just enough food in which they can eat it all before it falls to the bottom.​

Food that falls to the bottom and isn't eaten will disrupt the biological makeup of the fish tank.

It will also cloud the water which makes for an unappealing aquarium.

Molly Fish Food Options

TetraMin Tropical Flakes, Nutritionally Balanced Fish Food, 7.06-Ounce

The TetraMin​​​​ tropical flakes is a great option for Molly fish. The Active Life Formula supports a long and healthy life. 

This fish food is packed with  Omega-3 fatty acids which is great for energy.

It also has select proteins for growth and vitality.

Every flake is packed with quality ingredients to make sure it provides the perfect balance of nutrients for tropical fish such as the Molly fish.

It is also scientifically-developed so that it is easily digested by the fish, which in turn helps keep a clean and clear aquarium when used as directed.

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