How Long Do Clown Loaches Live

How Long Do Clown Loaches Live

The Clown Loach is among the most fascinating fish in the aquarium hobby. They are quite personable and one can spend hours watching them just goofing all around the aquarium.

Another really cool thing about clown loaches is that they can live for a lot longer than most fish.

However, most people rarely get to experience their camaraderie for as long as they should. A lot of things have to be done right to ensure that these fish can live for the full length of their average lifespan.

We will first look at the exact lifespan of clown loaches and then we will explore the various steps that can be taken to ensure that they really are able to live for that long.

How Long Do Clown Loaches Live?

clown loach lifespan

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This might can come as a surprise to many but clown loaches can live for about 10 years or more in captivity. They can live well over 20 years in near-perfect aquarium conditions.

You read that right. A healthy clown loach can live for a decade or more which is something that is quite rare in the aquarium hobby. They also can grow to be a foot long which should be factored in when getting them in the first place.

Now, that we have gotten the average lifespan out of the way, let us look at what you can do to ensure that your clown loaches can live to be that old.

The Clown Loach Is a Highly Social Fish:

how long do clown loach live

This is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for many people who get this fish. They have attractive looks and a lovable personality but these are only exhibited when they are around their own kind.

Most beginners will get just a couple of these. This will result in them just sulking around in the aquarium. Their stress levels will be high and soon they will stop feeding properly and eventually die quite prematurely.

Make sure to get at least six of them. This is the minimum number that is needed for them to feel safe which is paramount to them living to their full life expectancy.

They can be kept with other fish but they would still need their own kind around. It is like a security blanket for them. If this condition is fulfilled, they can be seen chasing each other around all day and just being lovable goofballs all the time.

The Clown Loach Needs Space:

This is another thing that many hobbyists tend to be quite unaware of. Even though clown loaches are mostly sold as small and cute little specimens, they can grow to lengths of more than 12 inches.

This means that every single clown loach will need a lot of real estate.

Keep in mind that you cannot just keep one of these. Irrespective of their size, they will need to be kept in a group of no less than four individuals with six or more being the ideal number. That adds up to a lot of space.

So, if you are getting clown loaches, ensure that your tank is either large enough to still be able to accommodate them when they are fully grown or be ready to upgrade as they grow bigger.

Otherwise, they will end up with stunted growth and compressed organs which will lead to an early and agonizing death for them.

Good Water Quality Is Important:

This is another very important factor when it comes to the lifespan of clown loaches. They are quite unique in that they do not have thick scales like many other fish do.

The scales on clown loaches are somewhat delicate and this makes them quite prone to a wide variety of infections and skin ailments. It also makes them very sensitive to fluctuating chemical levels in the water.

A good place to begin is by ensuring that the water temperature is maintained as close to 86°F or 30°C as possible. They also prefer alkaline water and the pH should be maintained between 7.4-7.8. This is very important as water that is even slightly acidic can make them particularly vulnerable to infections and diseases.

They aren’t the hardiest fish out there and ensuring that the water condition stays consistently within the ideal range plays a big role in their longevity.

Proper Diet Is Needed Too:

the clown loach lifespan

These are highly active fish with a high metabolic rate. They need a balanced diet that can cover all the bases.

Clown loaches are omnivorous in nature with a particular fondness for snails.

They should be fed fresh vegetables, algae wafers, and good quality fish food in the form of flakes or pellets. This should be supplemented with frozen or live food 2-3 times a week.

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Snails aren’t an absolute necessity but they should be provided too on a fairly regular basis if possible.

The important thing is not to overfeed them or feed them low-quality food that will fatten them up.

A healthy diet coupled with its active lifestyle will help it live for as long as it is meant to. If they start to show signs of lethargy, it is usually the food that is to blame and you should immediately take corrective measures.

The Aquarium Has To Be Set Up Just Right:

As alluded to earlier, these fish can get spooked quite easily. This is especially true if the aquarium is placed in a high-traffic area with plenty of movement.

If possible, place your aquarium in a spot that does not see a lot of action.

Also, provide plenty of hiding spaces in the form of decorations and plants that these fish can retreat to when they feel threatened. Choose tankmates wisely as well.

Don’t go for anything that can pester them especially when they are young. You should also be extra careful when netting them as they have a spine under their eyes that can get stuck to the net.

Keeping clown loaches can be the experience of a lifetime. When done right, they can live for as long as many dogs and cats do.

Hopefully, by now you have the proper know-how on how to get these amazing fish to actually do just that.

I hope I answered the question How Long Do Clown Loaches Live?

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Clown Loach Lifespan

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