Guppy Fish Info and Care A Quick Guide

Guppy Fish Info and Care A Quick Guide

Are you thinking of bringing home a Guppy?

Guppies were first discovered in South America around the 1860s and go by the scientific name of Poecilia Reticulata. They are one of the most common aquarium fish and come in almost every pattern, fin-type, and color you can imagine.

Guppies are livebearers which means that they give birth to their young ones.

In this Guppy fish info and care guide, we will go over everything you need to know about the Guppy fish, such as the history, tank setup, nutritional needs, average lifespan plus much more..

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Let’s Meet The Guppy!: A Quick Introduction

Guppies are freshwater fish that belong to the Poeciliidae family. These tropical fish are native to South America and come in 300 different varieties, which is why there’s a huge discrepancy in their prices–you can find them for $3 to a few hundred dollars!

These fish are also known by the following names:
The Rainbow Fish ( not to be confused with the actual Rainbowfish)
The Millions Fish

Here’s a fun fact about the Guppy fish!

These fish are released in Asian freshwater because they act as a natural pest control against mosquitos.

Isn’t that amazing?

You can find Guppies in several variants when it comes to color and body size. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most popular Guppy variants:

Here’s a Quick Look at Some History of The Guppy Fish

Guppy fish were first discovered in South America. They are named after Robert John Lechmere Guppy, who introduced them to the aquarium trade. He came across them in Trinidad in the year 1866 and took them back to the British Museum.

Since the low waters in Trinidad were the perfect habitat for predatory fish, the Guppy evolved and thrived in areas where waterfalls were the upstream limit.

How Long Do Guppies Live

how long do guppies live

The average lifespan of a Guppy fish is two years. But there have been guppies that have lived for almost 5 years.

Since guppies are easy to keep, these fish are an excellent choice for beginners. However, several people complain that these fish have a short lifespan as they keep dying for no apparent reason.

Water parameters, food and the guppy’s species play a big role on how long they will live.

However, you should keep the following factors in mind:

Beginner fishkeepers may not know how to take care of the fish and/or fully understand the basics of fishkeeping.

That’s why it is important to do your research by reading and watching videos like these. The more knowledge you have the better you will become at fishkeeping.

That being said, Guppies are actually hardy fish. With the right care, they can live a lot longer.

Breeding Guppies: A Quick Peek

guppy care

As we mentioned earlier, Guppies are live bearers, which means that they don’t lay eggs, they give birth to their young ones instead.

Guppies are rapid breeders and don’t need a lot of assistance from you. They will breed if you provide the following:

Since Guppies reproduce quickly, you need to have enough room in the tank to accommodate future generations.

All You Need to Know About Guppy Tank Setup

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In this section of the video, we will go over the tank setup needed for Guppies.

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Ok so let’s jump right in.

Tank Size

The smallest tank recommended for Guppies is a 5-gallon aquarium for three fish. However, you need to keep in mind that Guppies breed quickly, so a ten or 20-gallon tank should work best in the long run.


You need to have an aquarium heater for Guppies as they prefer the water temperature to be around 74 to 80 degrees.

Plants and Decorations

Guppies like to hide, so you need to provide them with plenty of covers–you can choose whatever you wish to as long as there aren’t any sharp edges. Live or fake aquarium plants are a good idea as well.

Guppies don’t care about what’s at the bottom of the tank so you can choose between a bare bottom tank, sand, stone, and gravel.

Guppy Tank Mates: Here’s the Deal

Guppies are excellent community fish and get along with most other species of fish. Here are some fish Guppies are compatible with:

Your Feeding Guide: What To Feed Guppies?

Guppies are always hungry and will never refuse food, which is why you need to put them on a schedule. Feeding them once or twice daily should be more than enough.

Here’s what Guppies eat:

You can also give your Guppies homemade food if you wish to. Egg yolk and Brine shrimp are excellent for guppies. You can also offer them some Daphnia, vinegar eels, and beef heart.

Just be sure to get your guppy’s food from a trusted source.

In a Nutshell: Guppy Fish Info and Care

Did we go over everything you needed to know?

Guppies are among the most popular fish out there as they come in various colors, patterns, and fin types. These fish have a peaceful temperament and a lifespan of up to two years.

They do very well in a five-gallon tank and need plants, freshwater, and substrate in their tanks to thrive. They’re incredibly compatible with peaceful community fish species.

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