Do Goldfish Need An Air Pump?

How To Know If Your Goldfish Needs An Air Pump

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Fish need oxygen to breathe and have a balance in their habitat without problems and free of disease plants consume it during the night and there are many other processes that need and consume dissolved oxygen.

For this reason, there are air pumps that serve the function of providing oxygen to the aquarium, but it is not necessary in all cases, this is why it is important to know if your goldfish need an air pump.

What Are Aquarium Air Pumps for?

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As we mentioned, air pumps bring oxygen into the aquarium water. They serve to ensure that there is no barrier in the aquarium blocking the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

This helps to keep the water moving by releasing bubbles on the bottom of the aquarium and promotes the exchange of gases between water and air.

The air pumps keep the pond healthier, because when the water is still it becomes stagnant water, which attracts mosquitoes larvae and algae.

The air pump is different from a filter because the aquarium filter removes debris from the water, but the air pump does not filter the water, it creates movement and air bubbles.

Do The Goldfish Need an Air Pump?

In most cases, a large aquarium with an air pump and filter is recommended for these types of fish, since Goldfish do not usually last long in fish bowl.

An adult Goldfish can live up to 11 inches long; its standard size is usually 5 to 8 inches, so a fish bowl does not have enough space for the fish.

In addition, the Goldfish produces a large amount of waste and most fish bowls are not large enough to be equipped with an air filter or pump, which allows harmful toxins such as nitrate and ammonia to build up quickly and poison your goldfish.

Some fish owners believe that changing the water is enough, but as the fish grow, they will produce more waste, requiring more frequent water changes.

Signs That You Need an Air Pump For Your Goldfish.

There are cases where an air pump is not necessary, e.g. if the aquarium has a filter which creates movement and air bubbles, e.g. a bottom filter, a sponge filter or a box filter, an air pump may not be necessary.

However, your goldfish may need an aquarium in this type of situation:

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