Black Moor Goldfish Info and Care

The aquarium hobby and industry would simply not exist without the goldfish and one of the most iconic goldfish you can get your hands on is the Black Moor Goldfish.

It has a very unique appearance as far as goldfish are considered and if you are looking for something with a highly alluring look that isn’t too difficult to take care of then this is an option worth looking into.

For those interested or those who have already decided to keep black moors, here is everything there is to know about them.

A Little Background On The Black Moor Goldfish

black moor goldfish

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The goldfish is not a naturally occurring species of fish and is instead a result of selective breeding of certain types of carps. The Black Moor is a product of even more selective breeding among goldfish. They have been in the hobby for quite some time and despite their distinctive looks, they are readily available at most local fish stores that sell goldfish.

Physical Appearance

The Black Moor is easily identifiable as a goldfish while also being really distinct. The biggest difference is obviously its coloration. It is black as opposed to the orange color common among most goldfish.

Juveniles might have a duller coloration but it will get deeper as the fish grows and matures.

Another of its unique features is its eyes. They are sort of telescopic in nature and they become more prominent as the fish grows. They can even appear to pop out of its head. The rest of its physical features are in line with what you would expect from a fancy goldfish. It has an egg-shaped body and large flowing wings.

Together, all these features make it a beautiful fish. They can also grow quite big, reaching a  size of about 6-8 inches. Some fishkeepers have reported black moors as large as 10 inches.

Black Moor Goldfish Tank Size

The first obvious thing to remember is that Black Moor Goldfish, and any other goldfish for that matter, should not be kept in a bowl. 30 gallons is the minimum tank size if you only plan to keep a pair of these fish and even then, you will have to eventually upgrade as they grow larger. A larger tank will also be needed if you want to keep other fish or more than two Black Moors.

They also make excellent additions to ponds.

Black Moor Goldfish Tank Setup

As mentioned before, all goldfish are a result of selective breeding and as such, they do not have a natural habitat. This makes them quite adaptable as far as the tank setup goes. Just remember that these fish have large fins and they can grow to be quite big.

They also have poor vision despite their large eyes. The tank should have plenty of open spaces and the decor should be free of sharp edges and corners.

Provide a reliable filter but make sure that the current isn’t strong as these fish aren’t the strongest swimmers. If you want to keep live plants then make sure it is a hardy variety as these fish will nibble at them.

Black Moor Goldfish Water Parameters

Like all goldfish, the Black Moor Goldfish is a coldwater fish and can tolerate temperatures as low as 50°F or 10°C. The maximum temperature that these fish can thrive in is 75°F or 24°C. The optimal temperature should be kept between 65° – 72° F. The pH should be between 6.5 and 7.5. Apart from that, these fish are pretty hardy and adaptable.

Black Moor Goldfish Tankmates

While these fish are pretty docile, their delicate fins can become the target of other voracious fish. Ideally, tankmates for these fish should be able to tolerate the same conditions as the goldfish and they shouldn’t be too shy as these goldfish are very active feeders. Some great tankmates for these fish include

Black Moor Goldfish Feeding

As just alluded to, feeding is one of the least complicated things associated with these fish. In fact, it is more difficult to avoid overfeeding these zealous fish. They are omnivores and will readily accept all kinds of food.

One of the downsides of all the years of selective breeding is that they have ended up with rather delicate digestive systems. So, feed them small quantities of food that they can finish in around a minute twice a day. Also, provide a healthy mix of plant and protein-based diets to keep them in top shape.

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Black Moor Goldfish Breeding

Black Moor Goldfish Breeding

These fish are relatively easy to breed as well. They are one of the easier goldfish to sex. During the breeding season, the males will develop white spots on their pectoral fins.

You can induce breeding by first slowly decreasing the water temperature to about 60°F or 15.5° C and then increasing the temperature by 3°F or 1.5°C per day until reaching about 68-74° F or 20-23° C.

The male will start circling around the female for a couple of days followed by the female laying about 10,000 eggs on a flat surface. It is a good idea to separate the parents and the eggs at this point.

These eggs will hatch in a few days and the fry can be fed on finely crushed fish food or brine shrimp.

Black Moor Goldfish Diseases

These fish have very delicate eyes and that combined with poor eyesight makes them very vulnerable to eye injuries.

These injuries in severe cases can lead to a condition known as Popeye. This can be avoided by ensuring that the fish do not get spooked and by avoiding any sort of decoration inside the aquarium that is sharp or pointed.

In case a fish does suffer Popeye, all you have to do is keep the water clean and remove whatever caused the injury in the first place.

Another area of concern is their swim bladder.

Because of selective breeding, all their organs are squished together in a very small space. Avoid overfeeding them and do not feed them cheap fish food. If you see a Black Moor Goldfish haplessly stuck at the bottom of the tank or at the very top and unable to swim, do not feed them for about 24 hours and then feed them only plant-based food for the next day or two and it should just clear up.

Apart from these ailments, they can also suffer skin issues but that shouldn’t be a problem as long as the tank is kept clean and maintained properly.

Black Moor Goldfish Lifespan

With proper care and diet, these goldfish can live for at least 5 years and in exceptional cases can even live for up to 25 years.

To Sum It Up

The Black Moor Goldfish is a truly unique yet very accessible fish. It also has the rare ability to appeal to hobbyists who generally do not like goldfish. To put it simply, it is a really easy-going fish that can make for a brilliant addition to any aquarium or pond.

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